Nine West Watches Review – Casual and Affordable

Nine West Watches Review


nine west watches reviewJust as there are all kinds of watch buyers, there are all kinds of watches to accommodate them.  While gold, platinum, diamonds, outrageous water resistance and elaborate mechanical complications are of primary interest to some buyers, others just want a nice-looking watch that gives them accurate time.

Nine West watches fall into that last category.  That’s not to criticize them; that is all they aspire to be, and Nine West watches offer a good value and an attractive, functional, accurate timepiece at a price that is affordable for pretty much everyone.

Read on for the full Nine West watches review.

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Nine West Watches Build Quality

The build quality of Nine West watches is certainly good enough, given their price.  They use stainless steel cases, many of which are gold plated, though not actual gold.  The watch face is protected by mineral crystal.  While it isn’t as hard as sapphire crystal, it’s also not nearly as expensive, and for most wearers, mineral crystal is more than durable enough.

Water resistance is modest, ranging from 30-50 meters for most models.  This suggests that it’s OK to get them wet, and for a few models, you can even go swimming in them, but diving and other water-intensive sports are to be avoided.  Nine West watches are well made, and as you’ll see later, come with a terrific warranty, too.

Nine West Watches Movements

The movements of Nine West watches are highly accurate, battery-operated quartz electronic movements.    These movements are sourced from Japan, so they’re likely made by Miyota.   These are relatively trouble-free movements that will keep accurate time for years with a minimum of maintenance.


If you’re looking for innovation in Nine West watches, you’re looking in the wrong place.  Innovation is for companies that are interested in selling watches as collectibles, rather than selling them as everyday fashion wear.  That isn’t a criticism of Nine West watches; on the contrary, they’re made totell the time and look good and nothing more.  If you need fancy complications (at a huge price,) you’d best look at the likes of Ulysse Nardin watches instead.

Nine West Watches Styling and Features

nine west watches tindleigh bangleThe styling of Nine West watches ranges from casual to elegant casual.  Most models have gold or silver colored stainless steel cases, and your functional options range from having a second hand to not having a second hand.  We’re not aware of any models in the Nine West watches line that offer even a date complication; these timepieces are strictly time-only.

That said, they do offer occasional splashes of color, and you’ll have an option of your standard watch bracelet, leather straps, or sold bangle-type band.  Models are available with both round and rectangular faces.  We didn’t see a lot of bold colors in the Nine West watches line; they’re somewhat conservative in that regard.

These watches are fun and casual, with mid-sized cases.  They’d be suitable for daily wear, either at work or out for a day of fun.

Nine West Watches Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance of Nine West watches is pretty basic.  As the watches have only battery-operated quartz movements, you won’t have to take them to a jeweler for regular maintenance, as you would with a mechanical watch.  You will have to replace (or have replaced for you) the battery every 2-3 years, and at that time, the jeweler can check to be sure that the watertight seals are intact.

Aside from that, you’ll want to store your Nine West watches away from extremes of temperature or strong magnetic fields, as these can damage the movement.  With care, these watches should run well for many years to come.

Nine West Watches Warranty

While Nine West watches are fairly inexpensive, their warranty is as good as any that you’ll find in the industry, and better than that of many Swiss brands, including some that sell watches for tens of thousands of dollars.

When you purchase Nine West watches, they are warranted for life by the manufacturer against defects in materials and craftsmanship.  That actually seems reasonable, as a watch is either defective when it leaves the factory, or it is not.  Nevertheless, most watch brands only warrant their watches for a maximum of two years.  In that regard, the warranty for Nine West watches is truly exceptional.  As these watches are tested at the factory prior to shipping, actual defects are quite unlikely.

Nine West Watch Prices

Nine West watches Weylen StrapIf you like the Nine West watches warranty, you’ll love their prices.  There’s not a lot of variation in the Nine West watches prices; they’re all about $50.  That’s it; there’s no high-end, limited edition line that sells for a fortune and a separate budget line.  They’re all about $50, give or take.  That means that if you find several models that you like, you won’t go broke buying more than one.

You should – they’re great-looking watches and they’re very reasonably priced.

Nine West Watches for Sale

You can find Nine West watches for sale anywhere that you’ll find their other fashion products.  Nine West is well known for their shoes, and if you find the shoes for sale, you’ll likely find the watches, too.  Many fine department stores will sell them, and you’ll also find them for sale at a number of online outlets.

Nine West Watches Summary

If you are looking for a stylish, casual, accurate watch that will look good with just about anything you wear and which won’t cost you a fortune, you’d do well to take a look at Nine West watches.  Their product line offers about 50 or so models, and none of them have a retail price above $50.

That makes them perfect for just about anyone who wants a watch for casual wear, wearing to the office, or just about anything short of meeting the Queen, for which you might want something just a bit more elegant.

The warranty offered with Nine West watches is one of the best in the industry, and they make a great looking watch.  At the prices they’re asking, why not buy two?

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