Omega Watches Review – Solid Reputation and World-Renowned Precision

Omega Watches – Legendary Precision


Omega watches - ConstellationWith a company history going all the way back to 1848, Omega watches have long been among the industry leaders for innovation, build quality and precision.  Their product line offers traditional styling combined with modern implementation of highly accurate mechanical movements.  Their timepieces are so precise that they have numerous awards for accuracy and Omega watches were the first models worn on the moon by the Apollo 11 astronauts in 1969.  Today, Omega watches are considered luxury models on a par with Rolex, offering the best of Swiss watchmaking prowess.

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Omega Watches Build Quality

If you’re concerned about durability, you need not be; Omega watches are extremely well made.  Featuring cases made from either stainless steel or gold and rock-hard sapphire crystal, these timepieces are built to last.  Some models feature water resistance in excess of 1000 meters and offer pressure-protecting helium valves for those who dive extensively.  Rugged mechanical movements are Swiss made and have a reputation for both accuracy and long life.

Omega Watches Movements

This company builds traditional timepieces; Omega watches feature Swiss-made mechanical movements, either manually wound or automatic.  These are highly precise mechanisms, and their current coaxial models are perhaps the most accurate they’ve ever made.  They’re older tourbillon movements are still highly regarded by collectors, as well.


Omega watches have long been innovative, from early adoption of water resistant cases to introduction of the first tourbillon movement in the late 1940s.  This development helped maintain accuracy while overcoming the natural effects of gravity on the movement.  The high precision of Omega watches led to them being adopted by the U.S. space program in the 1960s; they were the first watches worn on the moon.  The company continues to improve their models on a regular basis in pursuit of improving their already-terrific internal works.  They have also developed models that are more immune to strong magnetic fields than other companies’ products, though, as always, keeping your timepiece away from strong magnetic fields is always recommended.

Omega Watches Styling and Features

Omega watches - LadymaticAs with most product lines from older companies, Omega watches feature rather traditional styling.  Bright colors and unusual designs aren’t the company’s strong suit.  They offer all analog displays, though they do feature calendar and chronograph features.  They have a number of exceptionally “dressy” watches that feature gold cases augmented with diamonds.  Straps are either leather or rubber, and bracelets are available in either stainless steel and gold.  Their women’s models are particularly attractive, with nice, but not excessive, use of diamonds in their designs.  As with most luxury watchmakers, the company offers occasional limited edition models that are produced in quite small quantities and which sell for premium prices.

Omega Watches Care and Maintenance

As they feature complex mechanical movements, Omega watches do require occasional factory maintenance.  The company recommends that you send the wristwatch to them every 4-6 years so that they can disassemble it, clean it, replace worn out parts, relubricate it and ensure that it remains watertight.  In addition, they recommend that you have sports models examined by a jeweler or authorized dealer once a year to ensure that the watertight seals remain intact.  Aside from these issues, you should keep Omega watches away from extremes of temperature and harsh chemicals.

Omega Watches Warranty

Most companies offer a warranty for a fixed period of time for all of their product line.  Omega watches are a bit different; their warranty varies depending on the model.  Most of their product line comes with a two year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.  This is pretty typical of all luxury wristwatch manufacturers; it’s the same length of time that Rolex offers, for instance.  Omega watches with a coaxial movement are warranted for three years, and their Ladymatic models (and perhaps others) come with a four year warranty.  Extended warranties may (or may not) be available for purchase through your dealer.  If this issue concerns you, be sure to ask at the time of purchase.

Omega Watch Prices

Omega watches - Planet Ocean 600mAs with most luxury timepieces, Omega watches are fairly expensive, ranging from a low of $2000 or so to a top price of perhaps $20,000.  Limited edition models tend to be priced at the top of that range, though a number of models can be purchased in the $4000-$6000 range.  As the company is rather strict regarding how their products are sold, prices tend not to vary too much in the market, though you can occasionally find discount Omega watches for sale on the Internet.  Collectors love this company’s products, and older models, out of production models, and limited edition models tend to sell for a premium among collectors. While we wouldn’t recommend buying Omega watches as an investment, there’s a good chance that the timepiece you buy today may appreciate in value with time.

Omega Watches for Sale

As is common with luxury items, Omega watches are “officially” offered for sale only through a limited number of authorized retailers.  Both product distribution and product pricing are strictly controlled; the company will not even disclose their product prices on their own Website.  While authorized dealers are almost exclusively high end jewelry stores, you can occasionally find Omega watches for sale at online retailers.  As many of their products are limited edition items, it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to be able to find any single dealer that carries the company’s entire product line.  You may need to shop around a bit if you’re looking for something specific.

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Omega Watches Summary

The company has a rich history of making high quality, accurate timepieces, and as such, Omega watches are highly sought out by collectors, people who admire the fine art of watchmaking, and people who simply want a gorgeous fashion accessory on formal occasions.  Their products are well made, extremely durable, and make tasteful use of gold, pink gold and diamonds in their designs.  If you like sports models, they’re extraordinarily rugged and are suitable for use even at extreme depths.  Omega watches are so highly regarded that NASA used them in the space program.  All in all, Omega watches are great luxury wristwatches that will look great on anyone’s arm and will last for decades with proper care.