Palada Watches Review – Affordable and Rugged

Palada Watches Review


palada watches reviewEveryone has different reasons for wanting to buy a wristwatch.  Sure, at it’s most basic, the need is to know the time.  These days, however, it’s never difficult to know the time, as it’s all around you, or, more likely, it’s in your pocket on your smartphone.

Some people like to buy watches as a fashion accessory, and others like them for their construction.  Most people, however, buy watches as useful tools for telling the time or timing events. Palada watches are a good choice for those buyers, as they offer a good selection of chronograph and dual-timezone watches at an affordable price.

No one is going to confuse Palada watches with those from Lucien Piccard, but then again, the two companies have buyers with completely different tastes, budgets and needs.

If you want a useful tool at a price that won’t hurt your wallet, then Palada watches might be a good choice.

Read on for the full Palada watches review.

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Palada Watches Build Quality

The build quality of Palada watches falls into the category of “good enough, given the price.”  That’s not to say that they’re poorly made; on the contrary, they’re made pretty well.  But at a price point that falls well under $100, you’re not going to get the kind of build quality that you see from Rolex or Fossil.

Palada watches are made with stainless steel or ABS cases and mineral crystal to protect the watch face.  Water resistance varies, but most models are rated at 50 meters, which means that you can shower or swim in it, but you shouldn’t go scuba diving.  The company also cautions that you shouldn’t handle the crown while underwater, as that might allow water to enter.

Still, their S-Shock line of watches are designed to withstand fairly rigorous abuse, and they’re clearly modeled after the Casio G-Shock watches.  That’s a form of flattery, we suppose.

Palada Watches Movements

Palada watches are designed and assembled in China, but they use Japanese-made quartz movements, likely from Miyota.  Many Chinese buyers have an affinity for foreign products, so including the reliable and affordable Japanese movements allows the company to give their product a bit of an edge in the marketplace against their all-Chinese competitors in the budget watch line, which is quite competitive.


You won’t find a lot of innovation in Palada watches, as they’re budget watches that are largely modeled after other (and successful) company’s watches.  That said, they offer a pretty accurate timepiece at a good price, and if you’re looking at Palada watches, that’s likely what you’re after.

Palada Watches Styling and Features

palada watches dual movementThe styling of Palada watches is going to please some buyers and disappoint others.  The company’s product line, which includes a few dozen models, largely consists of chronographs and sports models that are designed to look relatively complicated.

Some models have digital displays, some have analog displays, and a few have both.  A number of their models feature dual timezone capability, either with analog or digital displays, so if you travel often, you might find Palada watches to be a good, affordable choice.

While most of the models in the Palada watches product line are sporty, a few are more fashionable and would be suited for casual wear or wearing to work.  These models do include a couple with dual timezone features, so if you need that, you won’t have to buy a watch that makes you look like a Navy SEAL if you don’t want to.

As far as we know, they don’t make any dedicated women’s models.  They’re all either for men, or most likely, designated as unisex models.

Palada Watches Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance of Palada watches is fairly straightforward, as they all have quartz movements.  You will have to replace the battery every couple of years, and it would be a good idea to have a jeweler do it so that they can examine the watertight seal and ensure that your watch isn’t going to get any water on the inside.

Aside from this, you should keep your Palada watches away from strong magnetic fields and extremes of temperature.  You should also observe the water resistance rating and make sure that you don’t regularly immerse your Palada watches in water for extended periods of time.

With good care, you should get a few years of service from your Palada watches.

Palada Watches Warranty

palada watches military dual timeWe haven’t been able to find out anything specific about a warranty for Palada watches, largely because we can’t find the company’s Website.  Most major retailers who sell the brand will provide their own warranty.  Amazon, for example, provides a two year warranty with the purchase of Palada watches and that should be more than sufficient to cover any potential defects in materials and craftsmanship.

Palada Watch Prices

If you’re looking for a huge upside in buying Palada watches, it’s the pricing.  These are some of the most affordable watches on the market, especially in the chronograph or dual timezone arena.  We’ve seen many models priced in the $20-$40 range, though we’ve seen them discounted to as little as $10 and we’ve rarely seen any models priced at more than $100.

That makes Palada watches affordable enough that you might want to pick up a couple of them.  At this price, they literally fall into anyone’s price range.

Palada Watches for Sale

You can find Palada watches for sale at a number of online retailers and at a few discount stores.  You won’t find them in major department stores or jewelry stores, as they are essentially a budget brand. If you’re looking for discount Palada watches, you’ll do well to shop for them online, as many online retailers have discounted them quite heavily.  Of course, they’re pretty affordable to begin with.

Palada Watches Summary

There’s not a whole lot more to say about Palada watches.  They make a decent timepiece with a limited number of fairly sporty styles.  If you need a chronograph or a watch that can display two timezones and you want it at an affordable price, Palada watches will offer you some terrific options.

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